Night Tide Musings (Signed)

from Lavinia Valeriana

The first, second and third edition(s) of this limited edition book are no longer available

Contains adult-only content
30-page silky-smooth matt paperback

Night Tide Musings, The Confessions of a Leamingtonian (a preview and the first-to-third chapters in the upcoming book) is the third diary that unveils revelations of Warwickshire avant-garde musician, confessional diarist and artisan Lavinia Valeriana's deep and vastly dark-romantic motivations in Leamington Spa, and around Warwickshire. In true Lavinia-style, it is unconventional, forthright and, as all poetry works are, deliberately cryptic.

released January 8, 2018

Each book (including their design) is entirely crafted and published solely by Lavinia Valeriana

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Lavinia Valeriana Royal Leamington Spa, UK

Lavinia will be returning with new material in late 2020, see the latest blog entry for more details:

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